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NEW! War In Our Wake


This is my personal narrative of the (until now) untold story of the very last American military presence at the bitter end of the Vietnam War.  

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Seraphim Sky


This first novel, published in 2003, is a cosmic story of space, intrigue, and the very nature of the human soul.  It is being re-written and will be re-released later in 2017.

But you can still buy it now here.

Partly to Mostly Funny


The Ultimate Weather Joke Book published by the American Meteorological Society

(All proceeds support the AMS)

My Background


Jonathan T. Malay

I retired from a 20 career as a Navy ship-driver, oceanographer, meteorologist, and specialist in space systems, and then had a second great career in the aerospace industry representing my company at NASA and NOAA Headquarters in Washington, DC. 

I'm now happy to be an author, cruise ship lecturer in Earth and Space Science, and a consultant for government business.  My wife and I live in historic Falmouth, VA, just across the Rapphannock River from Fredericksburg.

I'm also very proud to be a Fellow and Past-president of both the American Meteorological Society (AMS) ( and the American Astronautical Society (AAS) (

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Please enjoy my stories and learn about the beauty and science of the sea, the sky, and space.

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War In Our Wake, Seraphim Sky, and Partly to Mostly Funny: The Ultimate Weather Joke Book are all available for sale at

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I hope to see you out on the deep blue sea, sailing on some of the world's premier cruise lines.  If you've heard me speak, or even if you haven't, please write to me at and I'll email back with a list of great science web sites for you to explore on your own, or to share with your kids or grandkids.

We live on a beautiful, and increasingly fragile, planet in a spectacular universe.  Let's understand and appreciate how lucky we are - and take care of our home.

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